Mermaid Kelp is a Lala-Oopsies Littles Mermaid.


Mermaid Kelp has not been given a personality yet, or a pet.

Her big sister is...Edit

Mermaid Water Lily!


Kelp has light pink skin and dark pink cheeks. She has two small pigtails on her head that are held on with pearls and a star. Kelp has teal hair that is darker on the left and lighter on the right, with opposite colored spots on them. She has black button eyes and an orange spotted right yellow arm and a dark pink left arm. She is wearing a scaled dark pink sleeveless top that is lined with pearls at the top. Kelp is wearing a ruffled blue tutu, and has a pink tail that ends in a darker pink flip on the right side, and a larger orange flip on the left side.