Mermaid Opal is a full sized and Mini Lala-Oopsie Mermaid doll.


Mermaid Opal is fearless, friendly, and curious as can be. Eager for adventure, she often leaps before she looks! Even when things don't go as hoped, this sunny swimmer always sees the bright side. More than anything, she loves discovering new friends.

She is not the princess of anything.


Opal has a light pink octopus pet that has standard black button eyes, dark pink cheeks, a spouty mouth, and an orange bow on the right side of it's head.


Opal has light pink skin, black button eyes, and dark pink cheeks. She has a dark pink star next to her left eye. Opal has her hair gathered into two messy pigtails on either side of her head that are held together with pearls and dark pink stars. She has a light orange left bun, and dark orange right bun. Most of her bangs are light orange with polka dots, but the left side of her bangs are dark orange, with a curl that goes into the middle of her bangs. She has a dark pink striped right arm, and a dark pink left arm. She has a light pink torso and two orange shells as a "top." Her waistline is lined with small pearls, and right below it is an orange tutu that has dark pink ends. She has a dark pink tail with zig-zagging blush white pearls and light pink stars. Her tail ends with a small, spotted light pink flip on the left side, and a larger spotted orange flip on the right side.