Mermaid water lily

Water Lily and her pet jellyfish.

Mermaid Water Lily is a full size and mini Lala-Oopsie doll.


Water Lily loves to cozy up anywhere close to home. She never dives right into adventures, but she can go with the flow when she sees how important it is to her friends! Water Lily is very sensible and practical, sticking to her same routines every day. She always gets a lot done.

She is not the princess of anything.


Water Lily has a teal colored jellyfish that has a small layer of puce markings around it's neck, a pink bow on the left side of it's head, dark pink cheeks, and black button eyes.


Water Lily has puce skin with dark pink cheeks and black button eyes. She has teal hair tied into a messy bun on top of her head with light blue dots coating her bangs, sealed with a band of three stars and five pearls. Water Lily's right arm is puce with dark pink spots covering it, while her left arm is light orange. She has a dark pink bikini top that ties together in the middle, laced with white pearls on the top and bottom. She has an orange tutu with hot pink ends at the top of her tail. A little above that, the top of her tail is laced with a thin layer of pearls. She has an orange tail that has zig-zagged pearls and light pink stars on it, ending in two flips, a small teal flip on the right, and a bigger hot pink flip on the left with darker pink spots on it.