New boat

Princess Sesame with the boat that she comes with.

Princess Sesame is a Mini Lala-Oopsie that has so far only been released with the RC boat. She may become a full-sized Lala-Oopsie doll.


No personality has been given to Princess Sesame so far, nor being a princess of anything, or a pet.


Princess Sesame has light orange skin, a yellow crown, a hot pink yarn bun on the right, and a sandy-blond yarn bun on the left held with two yellow pins. She has bangs with two different colors: sandy-blond on the right, and hot pink on the left. She has a small white top with a hot pink skirt that has an orange trim. Her tights are orange on the right and pink and white striped on the left. She has several black lines running down the bottom of her eyes, and is wearing a red ballet slipper on her right foot, and a pink ballet slipper on her left foot with lacing inching up the bottom of her leg.