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  • Cherryberry1456

    From what I'm aware, the Lala-Oopsies Littles are without pages, as are the horses, and the mermaids. I've been trying to make them some, it'd be nice to have some help! :)

    So far, I've made Princess Sesame, Mermaid Water Lily, Mermaid Opal, Princess Lavender, and Mermaid Kelp their own pages.

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  • Cherryberry1456


    May 19, 2013 by Cherryberry1456

    "That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells... Smelly." -Mr. Krabs

    I've heard that some people's (large) Lala-Oopsies smell strongly of onions and that it spreads to other dolls. That's kind of... Weird. I'm just wondering if anybody has one that smells like onions, or one that doesn't smell like onions (I hope they all don't smell like onions!).

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